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Academic Offer

a. Bachelor Programs (years of study: 3)

The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences organizes four full-time bachelor programs in psychology, special education, education science, and pedagogy of preschool and primary school, and one distance education program in psychology.

BA in Psychology

  • Provides general training in the field of psychology

BA in Educational Sciences:

  • Major in Special Education – provides initial training for professionals working with children at risk and with special needs
  • Major in Pedagogy (Education Science) – designed to train professionals for dealing with complex educational interventions
  • Major in Pedagogy of Preschool and Primary School– provides initial training for preschool and primary school teachers. Successful graduates obtain initial teacher qualification.  


b. Master Programs (years of study: 2)

Field of study: Psychology

Field of study: Educational Eciences


c. Doctoral School (years of study: 3)

Provides doctoral training in two major fields: Psychology and Educational Sciences.

PhD studies consist of:

1st year: Preparatory programme in advanced university studies
2nd year: Preparation of the scientific research project
3rd year: Scientific research programme and thesis writing

Study plan for the 1st year comprises the following objects of study:


  • Research methodology in psychology
  • Paradigms and directions in contemporary psychology
  • Directions in contemporary social psychology
  • Theories and methods in contemporary social psychology
  • Analysis and intervention in social fields
  • Conflict management: theoretical tendencies

Education Sciences

  • Research methodology in educational sciences
  • Paradigms and directions in contemporary pedagogy
  • Inclusive and integrative practices in education
  • Intervention policies and strategies in educational fields
  • Education for diversity: directions and strategies
  • New directions in didactics


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