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The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (FPSE) embraced the mission to train professionals actively involved in developing Romanian society, in line with the goals of European integration.The academic offer is based on the philosophy of education towards excellence, and envisages ambitious standards for education and research, as all prestigious Romanian and international universities. Undergraduate and graduate academic programs (master and doctoral programs) prepare resourceful professionals within the fields of psychology and educational sciences in four directions: psychology, special education, education science and pedagogy of preschool and primary school.


DEAN Assoc. Prof. PhD Ștefan BONCU
                           Phone: +40-232-201029; e-mail:

DEPUTY DEAN – Assoc. Prof. PhD Nicoleta-Laura POPA
                           Phone : +40-232-202331; e-mail:
DEPUTY DEAN – Assoc. Prof. PhD. Andrei-Corneliu HOLMAN
                           Phone : +40-232-202375; e-mail:

Director of Psychology Department –
                           Prof. PhD Corneliu-Eugen HAVÂRNEANU
Director of Educational Sciences Department –
                           Assoc. Prof. PhD Mariana MOMANU
Director of Teacher Training Department –
                           Prof. PhD Constantin CUCOȘ


Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences
Toma Cozma Street no 3, Iași, 700554, Romania
Phone:  +40-232-201028 (secretariat); +40-232-201029 (dean); | Fax: +40-232-201128
Email: | Website:


Updated: May 9, 2017
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