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13 available fellowships for the European/International Joint PhD in Social Representations

Collaboration to theEuropean/International Joint PhD in Social Representations and Communicationand to the So.Re.Com. Joint-IDP: Call for 13 fellowships for 3 years for doctoral applicants

The University of Iasi is one of the partner Institutions of the European/International Joint PhD in Social Representations and Communication ( and of the So.Re.Com. THEmaticNETwork ( Within this inter-institutional collaboration the University of Iasi is also associated partner of the So.Re.Com. Joint – Innovative Doctoral Program, coordinated by Sapienza University of Rome, evaluated  (with the highest mark 98,8/100 marks) as the best among the 1247 projects submitted within the 2013 People-ITN call, following a long history of institutional recognition started in 1993.
In its role as mono-contractor Institution, Sapienza University is issuing a call for 13 fellowships within the framework of the So.Re.Com.Joint-IDP project for Early Stage Researchers.

Built on the experience of both the European/International Joint PhD in S.R. & C. awarding a recognized joint degree since 1996, and the EU approved So.Re.Com. THEmaticNETwork, this international joint doctoral programme includes 8 universities, 2 private companies and 1 public research institute in 8 European countries (AT, CH, CZ, ES, FR, IT, RO, SE), and 6 universities in United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and China.
The goal is to provide doctoral training in Social Representations and Communication, a supra-disciplinary research area of the social sciences that studies the social construction of everyday knowledge in social spheres and media, disseminating European excellence beyond the EU boundaries and attracting the best ESR from abroad. Structured into transnational teams by common research area and complementary multi-methodological approaches, this So.Re.Com. Joint-IDP guarantees a well-tested training structure including:

  • an innovative integrated physical and virtual campus, where world-class academic scientists, internationally recognised experts, experienced researchers and ESR cooperate face-to face and online “for” and “by” research;
  • multiple supervision via tutoring and co-tutoring by at least three tutors in different countries;
  • individual mobility for ESR at research centres for secondments;
  • collective international mobility of trainees and teaching staff during International Summer Schools and Lab meetings;
  • learning by doing (including transferable skills) in academic and non-academic settings;
  • worldwide access to common web platform, as tool for documentation, networking, training and monitoring trainees’ progress;
  • high tech infrastructure and lab facilities;
  • quality evaluation system; i) officialisation of the joint degree;
  • active integration in the world-wide SoReComTHEmaticNETwork;
  • enhancement of career prospects both in and outside academia.

Selected applicants will be enrolled in the European/International Joint PhD in Social Representations and Communication to participate in an on-going project led since 20 years by the director of the European PhD on Social Representations and Communication Research Centre and Multimedia Lab who has designed specific web-tools (including the on-line grid for the meta-theoretical analysis and the related web-inventories) for the purpose of conducting an empirical meta-theoretical analysis of the literature on Social Representations. The specific project aim is to take stock of the scientific field developed in more than 50 years by conducting an empirical meta-theoretical analysis of the literature on Social Representations, mapping its development, the related research methods, the thematic areas and their impact on the various applied fields within the multi-generational community of scientists and across different geo-cultural contexts.

All necessary information can be found on the So.Re.Com. Joint-IDP website:
In particular you can consult:

Gross yearly Salary: 40.508,00 € / year
Yearly Moblity Allowance:
a) ESR without family charges: 8.954,40 € / year; b) ESR with family charges: 12.792,00 € / year
Please note that these two reference amounts depend on the family situation of the researcherat the time of the recruitment of the researcher.

The deadline to apply is the 31 March 2014. You can apply by sending the application form and the requested documents ( by email to the project scientific coordinator:


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