Abstract Submission

Abstracts will be published in the ICAP 2013 Conference volume of abstracts.

Three types of works may be submitted for presentation at the 5th ICAP: oral communications, posters and symposium sessions.

Abstracts will be submitted by email ( icap2013@psih.uaic.ro) together with the registration form before the deadline.

Submissions will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee.

Final decision of the evaluation will be communicated to the corresponding author.

Upon acceptance of abstracts, presenting authors are expected to register and pay the fee by the indicated deadline.

Only when the proof  of  the bank transfer has been received, the registration will be considered to be complete.

All abstracts must be submitted in English and Romanian which is the language of the conference.

Oral communications are individual oral presentations that report on the empirical findings of a theoretically driven research project, theoretical reflections in the form or critical reviews, or meta-analysis studies. The following scheme is expected for the empirical type: introduction, methodology, results, and discussion/conclusions.

Posters imply a more visual way of communicating a work. Using brief statements, illuminative figures or tables, and catchy title and/or messages, an author may come across her/his message better using this mean. Apart from the title/author label in the banner, an expected scheme most likely would include the following sections: introduction, methodology, results, and discussion/conclusions.

Symposium sessions. These sessions include thematically related oral presentations submitted by a convenor or chair of th symposium. They may include 4 or 5 papers to be presented n 90 minutes and they may have or not  a discussant. The submission included abstract and a general abstract of the symposium.


In all cases, an abstract of a maximum of 350 words should be sent, where a summary of the aim, method, results and discussion of the study is expected. For the symposium sessions, the general abstract will summarize the topic of the symposium in other 350 words.



Submission e-mail


Please put personal details, abstract details and the  abstract (respecting the template) on three separate pages and attach them to the same submission message adressed to icap2013@psih.uaic.ro

You will receive a confirmation e-mail of your submission. If you would not get any confirmation within the next 48 hours, please contact us at  icap2013@psih.uaic.ro


Guidelines for submission of abstracts


Members of the Scientific Comitee will assess submissions using the criteria below.

• Submissions are received on time and in the required format

• The abstract content is presented in the appropriate mode

• Submissions of primary and secondary empirical research, both qualitative and quantitative, include analyses and a summary of findings. It is not sufficient to state, “the data will be analysed”

• Where applicable, theoretical framework or qualitative methodology must be clearly described.


All submissions meeting these criteria are accepted for inclusion in the scientific programme.


Reviewing is carried out blind so please ensure that authors are not identifiable from the abstract main text.


The decision of the committee is final.


The most common reasons for rejecting abstracts are:

• Incomplete or insufficient empirical evidence reported in the abstract

• The guidelines on abstract submission were not adhered to, in particular, abstract not anonymised

• The abstract arrived after the deadline.


Abstract template


This is the Title of your Abstract: Capitalize Words, use Bold Style and Arial 12, and Center it

Anca Popescu1, Bogdan Popa2, & Monica Popovici3
1 Affiliation1st author (Institution, City and Country), email-address@PresentingAuthor.com
2 Affiliation2nd author (Institution, City and Country), email-address@SecondAuthor.com
3 Affiliation3rd author (Institution, City and Country), email-address@ThirdAuthor.com

This is the template for the abstract of individual presentations, either oral or poster ones. Use Arial 12 font. Do not use abbreviations and avoid the use of references. The abstract should not contain more than 350 words. The following structure is recommended for empirical studies: aim, method, results and discussion; other structures may apply to theoretical works. Notice that the distinction between individual oral presentations and individual poster presentations is only a matter of presentation mode, and that all submissions will be assessed by the same scientific criteria. Recall that the author may choose a preferred format, but it is up to the Scientific Committee to determine the final mode of presentation. Below the abstract, please provide the requested format (oral or poster). Contact the secretariat of the conference for any query you may have regarding the symposium. Before submission, please double check the text to avoid possible mistyping or language errors. The name of the presenting author should be underlined, and all author addresses provided in the affiliation line. In case of change of presenting author, this should be timely communicated to the secretariat.


Preferred format (underline): Oral or poster.