Motivation, Self & Well-being

Laboratory name:  Motivation, Self & Well-being

Affiliations: Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași

Domain: Psychology

Area of ​​general expertise:

Based on a wide range of motivational, personality and social psychology information, we have proposed and advocated the concept of Motivational Persistence (Constantin, 2008; Constantin, Holman, & Hojbota, 2012), as a systemic and relatively stable, trait-like characteristic of the conative system and as a core component of the strength of goal striving.

We seek to integrate and better understand motivational persistence within the general framework depicted by the Self-Determination Theories(Deci& Ryan, 2000, 2008), including the Self-Concordance Model (Sheldon, 2002, 2008). Simultaneously, we are interested in identifying the links between motivational persistence and the recently proposed models and conceptions of Authenticity or True Self (i.e., Kernis& Goldman, 2006; Maltby, Wood, Day, & Pinto, 2012; Gunz&Schachtman, 2012; Wood, Linley, Maltby, Baliousis, & Joseph, 2008).

Another line of research interests aims to place motivational persistence within the context of Affect Regulation Dynamics and goal-directed behaviour (Bagozzi, Baumgartner, &Pieters, 1998; Baumeister, Vohs, DeWall, & Zhang, 2007; Katzir, Eyal, Meiran, & Kessler, 2010; Pekrun& Stephens, 2009).

The relations among motivational persistence, authenticity, emotional regulation and Well-Beingwill be studied not only within specific life domains (education, work, family), but also at the confluence of these different domains. For example, although the importance of Life – Work Balance for the well-being of the employees is well-documented (Eby, Casper, Lockwood, Bordeaux & Brinley, 2005), more research is needed in order to clarify the mechanisms of attaining such a balance.

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