The Influence of Metacognitive Strategies on the Performance of Primary Students in Solving Mathematical Problems

Dorina Sălăvăstru, Manuela Vlasie


This paper starts from the premise that metacognition is a factor which influences the primary cycle students‟ results at math. Within this context, we set as our goal to create a program of metacognitive intervention and to apply it on a group of 9-10 years‟ old students (third grade). The main objective was to evaluate the impact from the metacognitive treatment upon school performance at math of the students from the experimental group. This impact was measured within two groups of students, distinguished according to the independent variable „intelligence level”. The experimental plan was a test – retest type. The results achieved from the retest indicate a significant increase of the school performance at solving math problems for both groups of students.

metacognition, self-regulation, intelligence level, solving problems, metacognitive intervention program

DORINA SĂLĂVĂSTRU – Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi,
MANUELA VLASIE – Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi

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