The behavior in traffic – relations with socio-demographic variables

Corneliu Havârneanu, Alexandra Gheorghiu


This present study investigates the differences regarding the manifested behavior, degree of guilt and risk implied by aberrant behaviors and sanctions that should be applied for them in function of age and gender. The results show, as expected, that women tend to be more cautious and more drastic when it comes to sanctions than men. They also tend to feel more guilt if they manifest one of the listed behaviors. Surprisingly, we have not found any differences between men and women regarding manifested behavior but we believe that a more analytical analysis will reveal them. We have found that young men tend to be more indulgent with those who break the safety rules, but women, no. Interestingly, the situation reverses after a certain age.

aberrant behavior, gender, guilt, penalty

Corneliu Havârneanu – Al. I. Cuza University, Iaşi, Romania, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, E-mail:

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