Eros, Creation and Thanatos – The Artist’s Emotional Triangle

Florin Enescu


This present work is qualitative research using the grounded theory approach based on the creative process of six artists selected from different fields. The application of exploratory analysis found three major themes that were encountered during the creation process. The first theme is represented by mechanisms of defense involved in the creative process which are found at both the unconscious and conscious level. Sublimation can come from both Eros and Thanatos. The second theme found that during the creation process artists entered into a trance of creation, which has the effect of self therapy. Furthermore, a subtheme emerged as another triangle: expression, self discovery and overcoming oneself through the act of creation. The third theme uncovered the artist’s specific irrational beliefs mixed with internalized cultural patterns. The practical implication of our study is represented by using the trance of creation as a therapy method. The theoretical implications emerged from the notion that the mechanism of sublimation can come from Thanatos.

art, creation, catharsis, trance, self defense mechanisms, self therapy, irrational beliefs, internalized cultural patterns, system of values

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