Yourself. The Design, Structure and Content of the first Romanian Program on Social Emotional Competencies Development for Young Adults

Sebastian Vaida, Oana Ghimbuluţ


In this paper, we present the steps we took to design, then structure and build the content of the first Romanian program on social-emotional competencies development for young adults. We took into account both the recommendations of the leading experts in the field of psychology, as well as world renowned organizations, such as WHO, UNICEF and UNESCO. We began by defining the program on three levels, namely: competencies, social-emotional development and life skills. We then checked that the program we developed, called Yourself, meets all the criteria for a social-emotional development program. In the end, we presented, in table form, the structure of the program, with definitions of the main categories and subcategories involved and examples of activities. We concluded that the program we developed indeed meets all the criteria and can be used to develop the social-emotional competencies in young adults.

program, social-emotional, development, competencies, yourself

Sebastian Vaida – Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania E-mail:

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