Can age, sensation-seeking and impulsivity predict angry thoughts of Romanian drivers?

Smaranda Bogdan


The problems which result from traffic accidents are very well-known world-wide. Very few researchers have studied this problem in Romania. Therefore one of the article’s objectives is to explore this issue on the Romanian population. This current study focuses on the angry thoughts of Romanian drivers which can lead to serious problems on the roads. We wanted to explore a part that triggers the drivers’ angry thoughts in order to discover what causes them to appear and why. We used regression analysis to see if age, sensation-seeking and impulsivity can predict angry thoughts. This sample analysis included 1557 drivers (977 men) from different cities all over Romania. The results showed that impulsivity and sensation-seeking predicted the drivers’ angry thoughts. However, age predicted the angry thoughts only for young drivers, as older drivers usually tried to cope with them and drove safely.

anger, angry thoughts, sensation-seeking, impulsivity.

Smaranda Bogdan – Al. I. Cuza University, Iaşi, Romania, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences

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