Grandparents and Parents. Their Educational Roles and the Future Time Perspective

Gabriela Maria Man, Maria Nicoleta Turliuc


When it comes to social perception, older adults are usually associated with decline in many areas. However, there are numerous studies that have emphasized the fact that older adults are more likely to facilitate positive interactions and avoid negative ones, in interpersonal relationships. In this context, we verified the extent to which the elders’ relationships with their grandchildren are perceived differently in comparison with the parents’ relationships with their children, aged 7-11 years. We analysed the perceived differences between the positive and negative elements of the educational role exercised by grandparents (M =68.6 age) and parents (M =38.9 age) in their relationships with grandchildren/children. For this purpose, 878 participants from 439 adult-child dyads participated in this study. The findings indicate that the grandparents’ educational role is evaluated with more positive and fewer negative elements than the parents’ educational role. In this study, we will also test the association between the future time perspective of the relationship and educational role of grandparents/parents..

grandparents’ educational role; parents’ educational role; future time perspective of the relationship.

MARIA NICOLETA TURLIUC – Al. I. Cuza University, Iaşi, Romania, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences E-mail:

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