Hypnosis as a research method in psychology

Violeta Enea, Ion Dafinoiu


Despite the controversies concerning the nature of hypnosis and intrinsic research, hypnosis proves to be a generous research method. It has been used as methodology throughout time, both in cognitive psychology and in reproducing some clinical symptoms in laboratory conditions. As a methodological instrument, combined with modern neuroimagistic techniques, hypnosis has the potential, through experimental psychopathology, to help choose the way in which the human brain functions. Moreover, its use can lead to discovering the aetiology of adequate treatment in psychopathological disorders. Research has demonstrated that hypnosis is a basic empirical framework for investigating and understanding various psychological phenomena.

hypnosis, research method, psychology.

Violeta Enea – Al. I. Cuza University, Iaşi, Romania, E-mail: violeta.enea@uaic.ro
Ion Dafinoiu – Al. I. Cuza University, Iaşi, Romania, E-mail: dafinoiu@uaic.ro

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