Attachment and depression: influences in self-disclosure toward the therapist

Mădălina Belcescu, Luminiţa Iacob


The therapeutic relation is significant for any person who goes to the therapist. Self-disclosure is inevitable in such a relationship. Therefore, we wanted to investigate which factors are those that influence self-disclosure and how much do people actually disclose about themselves in front of a therapist. We investigated in which way the attachment style – as an internal working model – influences the self-disclosure, and also which are the differences in self-disclosure determined by depression (present/absent) and gender. Using a quasi-experimental method, we determined that secured patients tend to talk more about themselves than all the other attachment categories, and also that women speak less freely about sexuality, while men are more reserved in issues regarding their own attractiveness and relationships.

self-disclosure, attachment, depression, gender, therapy

MĂDĂLINA BELCESCU – Alexandru Ioan Cuza University;,
LUMINIŢA IACOB – Alexandru Ioan Cuza University;

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