Workplace attachment and organizational commitment – are they predictors of organizational citizenship behavior? Study on french health care workers

Liliane Rioux, Mariela Pavalache Ilie


This current research aims to identify the variables which help predict the organizational citizenship behaviour of 150 health care workers (nursing auxiliaries, nurses, and healthcare personnel) in France. More precisely, it confronts the impact of two variables whose connections to the organisational citizenship behaviour are established by the literature: a psycho-organisational variable (organizational commitment) and a psycho-environmental variable (workplace attachment). The results reveal that none of the factors predict the four dimensions of organisational citizenship behaviour, and that the variables which carry an affective component predict the dimension ‘helping behavior’ of the organizational citizenship behavior, but not the dimensions of ‘altruism’ and ‘civic virtues’.

organisational citizenship behaviour, workplace attachment, organisational commitment, helping behavior, health care workers

Liliane Rioux – Paris Ouest Nanterre-La Défense University, France
Mariela Pavalache Ilie –Transilvania University of Braşov, Romania E-mail:

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