The assertive sense of relational entitlement, emotions and couple satisfaction: a mediation model

Maria Nicoleta Turliuc, Octav-Sorin Candel


Some personality factors and interpersonal variables have a significant impact on relationship satisfaction. The sense of relational entitlement (SRE; what individuals perceive they deserve within a romantic relationship) is an interpersonal construct that can lead to changes in satisfaction. In this study, we examined the assertive sense of relational entitlement as a predictor of couple satisfaction and the additional mechanisms that explain this relationship. 147 individuals involved in romantic relationships completed measures related to their entitlement, positive and negative emotions, gratitude and satisfaction. The results showed that individuals with a higher assertive relational entitlement reported lower satisfaction. This association was mediated by negative emotions. This study fills a gap in the literature by discussing whether assertive entitlement is related to couple satisfaction and how one’s emotional state accounts for this link. Finally, we consider that the effects of assertive relational entitlement on the functioning of a couple should be explored by further studies, especially in association with other concepts.

assertive sense of relational entitlement, emotions, gratitude, satisfaction, mediation analysis

MARIA NICOLETA TURLIUC – Al. I. Cuza University, Iaşi, Romania, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences
OCTAV-SORIN CANDEL – Al. I. Cuza University, Iaşi, Romania

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