Continuous Professional Training in the Police System – An Approach in Terms of Professional Training Needs

Cristina Udrea

Today’s societal conditions have yielded a highly competitive professional environment and the galloping changes in economy, law, technology, administration or education are now generating a data surplus that surpasses what was once taught in school and thus, the initial training is no longer ample enough for finding or maintaining a job. Consequently, continuous professional training is gaining more and more interest and its importance is acknowledged both for organizations (represented by top managers) and individuals (who occupy various posts as employees).
In order to offer effective solutions for the citizens they serve, a police force requires a highly prepared staff with an extended range of theoretical knowledge, abilities and practical skills as well as a broad palette of professional attitudes. Designing a continuous professional training programme for policemen must start with identifying their needs, at the same time fitting their personal traits.
The results we found after conducting a study in 2014 offer us a view regarding what might be approached in terms of methodology while designing the process of continuous professional training as applied to police forces.

continuous professional training; recruitment; selection; police system; professional training need

CRISTINA UDREA – PhD Student at „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University – Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences,

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