School Management and Leadership. Perceptions of Romanian School Directors

Carmen-Valeria Chervase, Delia Chervase

There has always been a debate among specialists on this topic: what are the boundaries between the two concepts and what are their particularities in order to make the difference, what are the particularities of the manager’s behavior and personality which turn a manager into a leader, how can we mix the features of the two types in order to build up the ideal profile of the modern leader?
It is said that the manager is the person officially in charge with the organization of activities, administration of resources, and coordination of people on scientific principles. His main role is to put all the functional structures together and coordinate the members of the organization in order to reach the goals. He has a previous training to do that and during his managerial experience he learns how to become a good manager.
According to specialists, the leader brings something new to the first concept, such as his own personality, personal example which can motivate and stimulate the others, the courage to take decisions in complex situations irrespective of other opinions or personal interests, a high risk in solving difficult situations. It’s what is called “the style”.

organizational analysis of the school, school climate, school culture, school management, management and leadership, leader vs. chief (commander)

CARMEN-VALERIA CHERVASE – Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Foreign Languages, Police Academy, Bucharest, E-mail:
DELIA CHERVASE – Communication & Image Counselor, University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Bucharest, E-mail:

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