School Directors – Between Teachers and Managers

Carmen-Valeria Chervase

At the moment, being a school director in Romania means a temporary school running position which any teacher from the school can possess and lose after a period of a 4-year mandate. More often, the uncertainty stemming from the ambigous legal framework discourages the teachers in choosing to become school directors or the complex managerial tasks make the school director’s position not so attractive.
In order to become a profession, the legal framework of the education system in our country should be adjusted especially concerning the official recognition on the labour market of this managerial position in education. An important step forward has been made by the organization at national level of the managerial training courses for school directors in order to set clear competence standards. These changes in the education legislation will lead to clear provisions regarding the school director’s status.

school director’s status, competence-based education, learning organization, knowledge development, self organization

CARMEN-VALERIA CHERVASE – Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Border Police, Schengen Training and Foreign Languages; e-mail:

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