Narrative Vocational Counselling

Cristina-Elena Stărică, Adina-Nicoleta Karner-Huţuleac, Magdalena Iorga

This study presents a view of the new constructivist approach to career counselling by specifically addressing a predominant form of that approach— narrative career counselling. The paper describes features of narrative career counselling and presents prototypical examples of practice.
Narrative career counselling facilitates individuals’ self-reflection and elaboration of self-concepts toward an enhanced self-understanding and personal meaning. This approach highlights the essentially meaning-oriented work of career counselling. Narrative career counselling can be conceived of as a counselling process in which the client is supported in creating a personal story (or stories) that holistically accounts for his or her life and career, and enables the person to make meaningfully informed career-decisions and actions.

vocational counselling, social-constructionism, narrative approach, career identity, personal narrative

CRISTINA-ELENA STĂRICĂ – Ph.D. Lecturer, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, “Petre Andrei University”, Iaşi, Romania, E-mail:
ADINA-NICOLETA KARNER-HUŢULEAC – Ph.D. Assoc. Prof., Education Sciences Department, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Iaşi, Romania, E-mail:
MAGDALENA IORGA – Ph.D. Lecturer, University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr.T. Popa”, Iaşi, Romania, E-mail:

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