Tolerance – A Priority Content of Current Education

Liliana Stan

The issues of last decades that education aims at solving are more and more numerous and complex for all people involved in training. The curricular vision on education, largely adopted (either as a distinct entity or in correlation to other explicative paradigms on the modelling process of human beings) by both theoreticians and practitioners would stimulate permanent rethinking of educational aided components (finalities, contents and action procedures, while assessment components are also to be included here) and would prioritise reflection on designed intentionality system. Comprehension of the training finalities is valued as a framework and determining criteria in establishing educational contents. The current study generally deals with the continually open issue on the contents to be introduced in the training syllabus, and it particularly relies on educational regulations. The immediately following remarks state the need to value tolerance as a priority of the current education while synthetically emphasizing some social and existential determinants having been derived from it (dysfunctions of social life, with its implicit moral crisis, and multiculturalism). The most important part of this study relies on the display of multiple moral meanings of tolerance while senses to be found in ordinary language are left on a secondary plane.

tolerance, education, educational content, curricular perspective

LILIANA STAN – Associate professor, PhD, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi. E-mail:

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