The Inclusive School and the School for Diversity

Alois Gherguţ

The experience of recent decades has shown increasing concern of international organizations and institutions to ensure equal conditions and chances in society for persons with special needs that find themselves in various difficult situations and are socially disadvantaged in relation to the other members of the community they belong to. Persons with special needs and their organizations, as well as other organizations or forums of the civil society, together with the governmental authorities of each state have the responsibility to unite and act for removing existing barriers that hinder disabled persons from exerting their rights and liberties and to establish a climate of cooperation and partnership favorable to mobilizing all resources with the purpose of enhancing the awareness of the members of society concerning the needs, potential and contribution of these persons to the life of the community they are part of.

inclusive education, special needs, school for all

ALOIS GHERGUŢ – Professor, PhD, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi; e-mail:

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