PPUA courses and timetable

The Advanced University Training Program (PPUA) is carried out in the first semester of the doctoral study program, containing the disciplines approved in the Curriculum of the doctoral school and can be completed and customized for each doctoral student according to the options defined by the doctoral supervisor.

The academic disciplines offered by the Advanced University Training Program (PPUA) are

  • Qualitative methods of data analysis
  • Design and planning of scientific research
  • Principles and technique of writing scientific articles
  • Advanced methods of data analysis
  • Ethics and academic integrity

The calendar of PPUA courses is established by the director of the Doctoral School together with each trainer. The program will be transmitted in due time to all doctoral students.

The courses are common for all first year doctoral students regardless of specialization (psychology or educational sciences) and the form of education (ZI or I.D).

At the end of the semester, PhD students will be evaluated in each subject based on a project assignment that allows the student to practice the research skills acquired in the courses. The courses can also be attended (participation encouraged) by the doctoral students from years II and III.

PhD students who have not completed the Advanced University Training Program (PPUA)PPUA are not entitled to submit for evaluation the Research Reports of the Scientific Research Program (“PCS”).

  • SCHEDULE for the Advanced University Training Program (updated)