General framework of doctoral admission

1. General conditions

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent of long-term university studies organized according to Law no. 84/1995, republished, with subsequent amendments and completions, graduates with a master’s degree of the master’s degree cycle organized according to Law 288/2004, with subsequent amendments and completions, as well as graduates of studies conducted abroad and recognized by the directorate of specialty within MEN as at least master’s degree studies. According to the provisions of the Education Law no. 1/2011 and Address 25 / DGIU / 25/01/2021 of the MEC, the bachelor’s degree of long-term higher education graduates from the period prior to the application of the three Bologna cycles is equivalent to the master’s degree in the specialty. Consequently, holders of long-term higher education diplomas have the right to enroll in doctoral studies without the obligation to complete the second cycle of master’s degree studies.

For undergraduate specializations for which the duration of studies has not changed after the application of the Bologna type cycles, it is not possible to enroll in the third cycle of doctoral studies without completing the second cycle of master’s studies.

Enrollment in the competition for admission to doctoral studies within the institution organizing doctoral studies in a doctoral field is not conditioned by the field in which the bachelor’s or master’s degree was obtained. The cumulative total duration of the undergraduate and master’s degree must be at least 300 transferable credits (ECTS).


2. Methodology governing admission

The way of organizing the competition for admission to doctoral university studies is regulated at institutional level:


3. Fields of doctoral studies

The doctoral school of Psychology and Educational Sciences organizes doctoral studies in two fields:


Details regarding the doctoral supervisors, belonging to each of the two fields of study and to the topics proposed by them for the potential candidates found in the section Coordinators and research topics.


4. Suggestions for potential candidates

We recommend that potential candidates contact the coordinators in advance to discuss a possible coordination of a doctoral research project. A consistent dialogue on the topic of research design or the start of research projects prior to the moment of registration for the doctoral admission competition, increase the chances of winning one of the places put up for competition.

The admission contest to the Doctoral School of Psychology and Educational Sciences, as a rule, is organized at the beginning of September of each year (the first week of September – registration of candidates; the second week – selection of candidates).

For the annual admission calendar and detailed information on the procedures for entering and participating in the admission competition, see the section “Annual organization of the admission contest”.