Organizing the admission contest

Doctoral Admission 2022


For the academic year 2022 – 2023, the Doctoral School of Psychology and Educational Sciences organizes an admission contest for doctoral studies for the fields of PSYCHOLOGY and EDUCATIONAL SCIENCES.

General information on admission to doctoral school and details on the general methodology governing admission were presented in the section ”General framework of doctoral admission”.

The certificate of knowledge of a foreign language in order to be admitted to the doctoral university studies can also be obtained from the Testing Center of the Faculty of Letters. 


1. Admission calendar

Activity Period Time slot Location
Candidate registration
1-6 September, 2022
Selection of romanian candidates,
Education Sciences field
7 September 2022
starting with
9 o’clock
Laboratory of Group Dynamics
Selection of romanian candidates,
Psychology field
8 September 2022
starting with
9 o’clock
Laboratory of Group Dynamics
Selection of foreign candidates
9 September 2022
starting with
9 o’clock
Laboratory of Group Dynamics
Displaying results
16 September 2022
Display the final list of candidates admitted
20 September 2022


2. Candidate registration

The registration of the candidates will be done in the interval mentioned above (“Admission Calendar”) and will involve sending an e-mail to the secretariat of the Doctoral School ( containing the following completed and signed documents (PDF files):

  • Registration form (Psychology și Education Sciences);
  • Privacy Agreement;
  • Information note;
  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • list of the candidate’s scientific papers (if applicable);
  • certificate of knowledge of a foreign language, issued by the Faculty of Letters of the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi, before taking the entrance exam, at least two years; Exceptions are candidates who have completed a single or double specialization, in the degree of which a foreign language appears, of an accredited faculty, have the DALF test, TOFEL or other recognized international certificates;
  • copy of birth certificate;
  • copy of the Identity Card;
  • copy of the marriage certificate / name change, if applicable;
  • copy of the Baccalaureate Diploma;
  • copy of the Bachelor’s Degree / equivalent document and the diploma supplement / transcript;
  • copy of the Master’s Degree / equivalent document / graduation certificate and supplement to the diploma / transcript / school situation;
  • receipt for payment of the registration fee: 300 lei. The registration fee can be paid at BRD or at any other bank using data (if requested) from the table found at this link; also, using the data from the aforementioned table, the payment can be made by bank transfer.
  • Roma candidates will also have to submit a written recommendation issued by one of the legally constituted Roma organizations, regardless of its field of activity, stating that the candidate is part of the Roma ethnicity and not belonging to the organization in question.
  • the research project in the targeted field.


3.Places allocated to doctoral admission (2021)

For admission to doctoral studies in the September 2021 session, a number of 14 places for full-time doctoral education and 5 places for doctoral education were allocated to the Doctoral School of Psychology and Educational Sciences low frequency , for the two doctoral fields.

Doctoral fields:

  • Psychology;
  • Education Sciences

More information on the number of allocated seats can be found by clicking here.


4. Competition tests

Oral examination
  1. presentation of previous research concerns / experience: 50%;
  2. presentation research project: 50%.
Separation criteria
  1. average of the dissertation exam;
  2. the average of the bachelor’s exam.


5. Selection of candidates

– Coming Soon –

6. Results

To view the results of the admission competition and confirmation procedures for the place awarded, please click on “Admission results and subsequent procedures”.


7. Contact

Str. Toma Cozma, nr. 3, 700554, Iaşi, jud. Iaşi, România

0232-201298 (admission commission)

0232-201028 (secretary)


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