Scientific research program

The scientific research program refers to the planning of the elaboration and defense of the Research Reports during the doctoral studies. The name and duration of each research report is established by the doctoral student together with his coordinator and approved in a document called “INDIVIDUAL SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH PROGRAM (PCS).

The exact date of the presentation of a paper (in the month previously established in the PCS) is negotiated by the coordinator, the doctoral student and the members of the guidance Committee. After establishing the exact date and time, the doctoral student will submit a request to the Secretariat two weeks before the Research Report.

The submission of a report may be postponed for a maximum of 6 (six) months from the initial date, and a request for postponement shall be submitted to the Secretariat. If the paper is not submitted within a maximum of 6 (six) months, the doctoral student will be expelled.

More details on the steps and concrete procedures for carrying out, planning and supporting the Research Reports can be found in the document ”DOCTORAL SCHOOL PROCEDURES v12 2021”.

ATTENTION! These internal procedures may be changed or updated periodically. Before proceeding with the next a stage of your doctoral work, consult the document to check for any changes!