Social Pedagogy – Tradition, Conceptualization And Contextualization

Mariana Momanu, Magda-Elena Samoilă

The study is a systematic analysis of social pedagogy, based on the classical and recent contributions in the international and Romanian literature. The analysis of the epistemological identity and semantic developments in social pedagogy starts from the philosophical and ideological traditions that enabled the consolidation of this field in various cultural and historical contexts. In our opinion, the efforts made for identifying the components of social pedagogy semantics and the moments leading to the widespread use of this concept represent a fundamental contribution to both the understanding of the current interests in social pedagogy and the comprehensive ways of addressing this field and its dynamics. Beside the wide variety of options provided by the social pedagogy in terms of fields of study and actions, the best use of reflections on the learning experiences provided by schools, local authorities and other social institutions in line with the current challenges of the contemporary world creates the premises for the analysis of social pedagogy from two viewpoints: concept and action. Similar to Juha Hämäläinen [2012], Finnish pedagogue, we consider that the progress of social pedagogy should be related to historical and circumstantial factors. This paper supports the idea that the identity of this field in the Romanian cultural context is given by both the theoretical contributions reflecting the peculiarities of cultural and ideological options’ dynamics during the quoted social and historical moments, and the practices and interventions reflecting the specific aspects of cultural contexts when the social pedagogy imposed itself.

social pedagogy, Romanian social pedagogy, historical context, philosophical and cultural traditions

MARIANA MOMANU – Associate Professor Phd, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, e-mail:
MAGDA-ELENA SAMOILĂ – Phd, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, e-mail:

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