UDD – International Virtual Meeting – Teaching, Learning & Assessment in Higher Education

The Center for Research and Improvement of Education (CIME) of the Faculty of Psychology at UDD, has organized an International Virtual Meeting on Higher Education, which will take place between November 23rd to 27th. 

We have researchers, experts in the area of teaching, learning and evaluation, who will accompany us from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Finland, England, Spain and Portugal, with leading national academics.

We hope to talk and reflect on university challenges, as well as propose ways to enhance learning at this educational level.

We invite you to participate and register in the topics that are of greatest interest to you, as well as to promote it among your colleagues and students.

Registration is open on the site: https://highereducation2020.udd.cl or https://educacionsuperior2020.udd.cl/

We look forward to your online presence.