Proiecte desfăşurate în cadrul facultăţii

Proiecte desfăşurate în cadrul facultăţii

Proiecte de dezvoltare a infrastructurii de cercetare

Proiecte de cercetare

Proiecte POSDRU


Proiecte ERASMUS+

13.10.2018 {:ro}Reflect Lab – Sprijinind lectorii universitari în aplicarea învăţării prin cercetare si descoperire{:}{:en}Reflect Lab – Supporting lecturers in applying inquiry based learning{:}
04.10.2018 ESL Plus – Early School Leaving Plus
24.03.2017 Online courses with videos for the field of veterinary communication dealing with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases transferable from animals to humans (ZOE – ZoonosesOnlineEducation)
20.12.2016 Developing programs of Access of Disadvantaged groups of People and Regions to Higher Education (DARE)
11.02.2015 EXPeriential EDUcation COMpetence (teaching children aged 3-12) – EXPEDUCOM

Partenariats d’étudiants et enseignants-chercheurs en réseaux sociaux – PEERS: