DiTEMP (Digital Transformation & Employability)

📅 30.06.2021

DiTEMP is a European project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. It is a joint effort of four Universities, a University Business Foundation and an SME, aiming to explore the impact of Digital Transformation on field-specific markets. The project will provide a model of intervention, completed with tools, to integrate important and critical aspects of Digital transformation into curricular education in Higher education, promoting this way students’ employability.

Digital transformation (DX) is a technology-driven continuous change process affecting companies and the entire society, it is about adopting disruptive technologies to increase productivity, value creation, and social welfare.

Automation had and has greatly impacted on the labour market in terms of labour savings. Although this phenomenon has so far affected in particular low skilled workers, new business processes affect job positions for middle and highly skilled professionals, which are typical graduate jobs. Moreover, being an entrepreneur or self-employed in the digital era requires a higher level of digital skills and a sound understanding of digital transformation trends over time, in business and society.

The DiTEMP project is bridging this gap and mismatch by developing relevant tools and learning material at two levels:

  • That of the educators, teachers and career consultants to make them aware of the impact of digital transformation in their knowledge and labour-market fields.
  • That of the students, in order to increase their capability to manage the rapid changes in their future career fields, as caused by digital transformation, supporting this way their employability.

The project will develop Guidelines for integrating digital transformation competences in further curricula and academic fields in 5 languages (English, Greek, Italian, Romanian and Spanish).

The DiTEMP learning provision includes:

  • A framework, demonstrating the learning outcomes related to digital transformation, that can be applied across different study curricula and the most effective teaching methods that go with it.
  • A design model for the participating Universities on how to integrate the framework into their actual curricula, complemented by an open-access, publicly available ‘How to Guide’.
  • The DiTEMP Toolkit for teachers and educators on how to integrate digital transformation concepts in their regular teaching.
  • A modular learning pack for students to understand what digital transformation is all about and become ‘digital ready’ in the fields of Psychology, Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Business, and Education.

The online learning material is freely accessible in English, Greek, Italian, Romanian and Spanish.

The DiTEMP project is running from November 2019 and up to October 2021.