Gifted Education in 21 European Countries: Inventory and Perspective


The support for educating the gifted is booming in many European countries. The generally
held opinion during the previous century was that highly able students did not need special
attention or extra facilities. Consequently, the task of developing educational and other
provisions for the gifted in schools was completely neglected. Only within the past couple
of decades has it become more widely recognized and accepted that all children need
support that is adjusted to their level of ability, whether low or high, in order to develop
their potential to the fullest.
The concept ‘giftedness’ (high ability, giftedness and talent are used synonymously) refers
to the individual potential for high or outstanding achievement in one or more areas of
ability. The requirements for the development of individual potential are personal
dedication and motivation and a supportive social environment. A differentiated and
differentiating curriculum is indispensable to the realization of equal opportunities for all.
This can only be realized if there is a flexible school organization, a diversity of teaching
methods and a richness of content in the subject matter. Under these conditions, gifted
children and adolescents can develop according to their developmental and learning needs

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